moon “Becky is truly a healer.  She creates an immediate feeling of deep comfort and trust that goes much deeper than a great massage. After a session with Becky, I float home wrapped in total wellness and warmth. Each session is unique and perfect for the time. Becky’s hands reach through layers of tension and knots, finding a perfect complement to work, hiking or yoga and just plain life. She is magic. ” -Christine Linder, West Linn, Oregon "My first  massage with Becky was in 2000 when we were doing yoga together. Becky knows yoga and she is a student of the human body. Prior to that I enjoyed going to various LMT’s to sample the many different energies, but I don't do that anymore. I love Becky's energy and I want her hands and her superlative knowledge of human anatomy on my side. Her space at the Water Tower is a sanctuary, not to be missed. I vouch for it."  -Peter Torres, Board Certified Master Arborist Portland, Oregon "Becky is the BEST massage therapist I have ever been to. She is intuitive about my body, mindful of my experience and sensitive to my needs. She is a healer.  Whether you think you need her or not, you do! You will feel transformed, enlightened, and even carefree. This is the body’s natural state.  Sometimes it just takes someone to remind us!" -Kathleen McElderry,  Lake Oswego, ORI have been a client of Becky’s for over 10 years. I have severe scoliosis and Becky’s work has been instrumental in my ability to live more comfortably with many chronic problems associated with my back.  Her massage work increases my energy and relieves the stress of life’s demands on my body and mind.  Over the years I have been to many massage therapists and I am grateful to have found Becky.  I have come to rely on her as a friend and highly recommend her to anyone who feels there is that “something” missing in their massage work.” -Tina Uber, Artist "When I need to relax, but also when I need to learn about what might be going on in my body, I call Becky. Her knowledge, intuition, and healing touch help me to look and feel my best. I've been to massage therapists all my life, but no one straightens me out quite like Becky. To top it off, the warmth and spiritual vibe in her office cradles and comforts like no where else. It's an investment in myself that gives back ten fold!" -Erin Donley Marketing Your Truth marketingyourtruth.com "I recommend Becky Belding as a massage therapist.  In my 16 years in the industry I have heard at least 2000 stories from incoming students, current students and the public about their massage experience.  The biggest complaint is either the therapist doesn't work deep enough or they felt their massage hurt.  Upon further discussion, I found they had little input into their massage session.  Becky Belding has the ability to give a very effective massage.  You definitely will not feel she lacks the pressure needed to address the tissues of the body.  And, you will also be safe on her table.  Becky demonstrates excellent communication skills and will help you receive an excellent, performance enhancing massage.  My massage from Becky allowed me better rotation of my thorax, which improved my Dragon Boat paddling technique." Elizabeth Halsey, Dean of Admissions @East West College of the Healing Arts "Becky is a highly effective massage therapist who is very intuitive, understands the body, and more importantly, understands the influences one's experiences, responses to those experiences, and energy levels that get stored in the body.  She effectively and gently works with the client to release those and find more effective means to be whole and healthy.  I consider her an invaluable partner and resource in achieving and maintaining wellness.  I have highly recommended her many times and my referrals have found her equally magical." -Jane Paligo "I have been receiving massages from Becky for nearly 15 years. Her expertise and intuitive touch have never faltered. Each time I see her, she will share something new. She makes herself available to fit my schedule, living some distance away. She is never rushed before or after her services, allowing time for discussion and response. I cannot recommend her enough!" -Kay Schmerber, White Salmon, "Becky is a true healer. She is outstanding. Becky is incredibly intuitive, grounded and truly masterful masseuse. After a massage, I leave feeling centered and energized spiritually, mentally and physically. I have never received a better massage. I give her my absolute highest recommendation! She is a true gift in my life." -Kayla, Portland "Wow, whether you are down in the dumps or "simply" have overused muscles this is the therapist to use! Becky has the touch. She cues into all your ailments in a very quiet and secure way. Never goes beyond your comfort zone. The massage is simply to die for and you feel good the next day. Very caring and at the same time very deep. I have recommended her to dear friends who just rave about her as well. She has my strongest recommendation.” -Kicki Masthem- Portland "Becky is the very very very BEST!!!! Not only does Becky deserve her reputation as an amazing massage therapist, she is one heck a of person as well. Her amazing energy and generous spirit over flow from her. Anyone lucky enough to be treated by Becky is very lucky indeed!" -CB- Portland Becky is amazing.She knows what your body needs and hones in on that but also focuses on the body as a whole-she doesn't just go through the motions, or work on each quadrant of your body separately like many other LMTs/spas I've been to. She's happy to communicate with you throughout, or will take your lead and stay quiet, only chiming in when necessary. Highly recommended!”-B-A Portland, Oregon "I have been a client of Becky's for over five years now, finding her through the path of yoga.  The combination of a setting that welcomes and embraces all of the senses, an openness on Becky's part to dialogue about my life path (but only as far as I want to go!), and a totally profound mix of skill and sensitivity in her physical massage practices simply makes for an awesome massage experience.  Becky challenges, encourages, and/or simply allows me to relax, all depending on the read of the energy we both bring to the session.  I have had the opportunity to experience a number of various types of massage from a variety of individuals over the years, and I keep coming back to Becky.  I can't recommend her highly enough!"-Marty Opsahl, Portland, OR "Becky seems to know exactly what any pregnant woman (and non pregnant) needs when they are on her table.  Becky has the uncanny ability to zone into the exact area where attention is needed without fail.  Every massage is the epitome of pure comfort complete with heat, pillows and expert positioning for deep relaxation. -Rebecca Gattey Joyful Birth Doula Service 503.789.8271